Dabang: Diversifying Business with the AZIT Alliance

AZIT is a blockchain-based, point integration platform for real estate and residential services. AZIT provides a service that allows users to conveniently use points as they see fit for residential services related to real estate or community facilities by integrating points that can be used anywhere.

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Today, we will share an interview the Dabang CEO had with “Money Today.” In this interview, you will recognize why one of the biggest real estate information companies in Korea signed a business agreement with the AZIT Alliance. You can also check what we are doing.


In an interview with “Money Today,” the CEO of Dabang Yusun Han said, “We are promoting business diversification with the AZIT Alliance. PropTech companies that provide O2O (Online to Offline) services to single-person households can join AZIT. We are not sparing any expense to make it happen.” Keep reading for more details.

Recently, Dabang has been preparing to collaborate with O2O service providers for single-person households. Last month, it joined the AZIT Alliance, where points controlled by each company can be shared and used. Members can use the points earned on the Dabang app at other companies as well. The idea was based on the fact that the customer base of companies that provide services to single-person households overlapped, and due to the long usage cycle of products purchased on Dabang, it was often difficult for consumers to use their points.

CEO Han remarked, “We are negotiating with several O2O service companies, and things are going well. Some companies have already decided to join so now we are trying to determine the best time for them to join the alliance.”

It is expected that Dabang will soon establish Dabang Sign. CEO Han explained, “First, we plan to launch a trial service for properties in Seoul and expand the target area later.” As the number of single-person households increases, Dabang is planning to focus mainly on markets for studios and two-bedroom apartments.

CEO Han continued, “There have been many difficulties in the process of launching Dabang Sign, but we did not give up because we were confident in the service. We plan to continue to focus on related markets and expand our business as single-person households increase.”

The company aims to bring a new standard to the real estate industry through this service.

As partners, the AZIT project and Dabang are making continuous efforts to create an active residential service ecosystem.

Source: (Korean)

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