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“Azit” has been approved as a full member of the Korea PropTech Four Corporation and completed its subscription.🎉

The Korea PropTech Forum is a division that is operated with approval from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and has 389 companies that lead various fields such as IT, Tech, Real Estate, Energy, and Blockchain.

Starting with joining the Korea PropTech Forum, Agit plans to sign partnerships with companies in the proptech sector, exchange of manpower, information, education, technology, and materials, and joint marketing and partnership projects, so please look forward to it.

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It’s my own place, a hideout that makes it special.

I am sharing the news of signing the MOU for the partnership of Azit X Firma Chain.

The “azit Alliance” has signed a business agreement (MOU) with blockchain-based electronic contract and data storage platform “Firmachain.”

With this agreement, we plan to promote joint development of proptech electronic contract services based on blockchain.

In addition, we will actively collaborate on various marketing activities to create a healthy residential service ecosystem as well as technical development to develop a residential service integration platform hideout.

Through various partnerships, Azit will continue to build a healthier Azit Alliance ecosystem and strive to use more practical points.

Thank you.

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Real estate / Residential Service Mileage Integration Platform